Supervision is a work-related consultation that is used to ensure and improve the quality of professional work. The expansion of competences of the participating persons, the so-called supervisees, and their support in the organization of their professional everyday life and development path are goals as well as an in-depth understanding of the professional activity. Thus, Supervision considers the interface between the three areas of individual (lecturers), work as a professional activity (lecturer activity) and organizations (mesh® ACADMY) with their structural characteristics.

With the consultation form “Supervision”, mesh® ACADEMY supports the quality and efficiency of professional action (especially communication and cooperation between lecturers / teachers and students) of its lecturers.

The lecturers of mesh® ACADEMY met in Munich on 07.07.2017 for the purpose of supervision. Together with the two managing directors, Dr. Friedrich Peter Zeuner and Mrs. Sarah Faber, in two workshops methods were developed to optimize customer care, the didactic reorientation of the attendance days, respectively.

In individual talks with the supervisor employed, the lecturers reflected their previous experiences from the referred modules and attendance days. These individual discussions were evaluated by the lecturers as a great enrichment and quality enhancement for the further tasks within the courses of the mesh® ACADEMY.

With the successful workshops and individual talks, as well as a broad supporting program, starting with a white sausage breakfast, this Supervision Day was once again a great success and contributes significantly to the further optimization of the communication and teaching within mesh® ACADEMY and the courses offered. As a result, mesh® ACADEMY continues to pursue its path towards more customer orientation and high-quality study courses.



Supervisor on 07.07.2017: Mr. Franz Völker – 

Coach, Mediator and Supervisor

mesh Academy Dozent